BIPOC Design History Course Black Design in America

Asynchronous Online Design History Course

13 Lectures


Black Design in America: African Americans and the African Diaspora in Graphic Design 19th—21st Century is the first in a series of BIPOC Centered design history courses facilitated by Polymode. Launched in January of 2021 as live and pre-recorded lectures, readings, and discussions, this synchronous and asynchronous series of classes sheds light on moments of oppression and visibility. The series revisits and rewrites the course of design history in a way that centers previously marginalized designers, cultural figures—and particularly Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) and Queer, Trans, People of Color (QTPOC). Facilitated by Silas Munro.

CURRICULUM DESIGN: Silas Munro, Pierre Bowins, Tasheka Arceneaux-Sutton

INSTRUCTORS: Saki Mafundikwa, Ziddi Msangi, Pierre Bowins, Kelly Walters, Silas Munro, Jason Forrest, Jon Key, Tasheka Arceneaux-Sutton, Omari Souza, Colette Gaiter, Chris Dingwall, Lauren Willams, Audrey Bennett

BIPOC Design History