BIPOC Design History Course Incomplete Latinx Stories of Diseño Gráfico

Asynchronous Online Design History Course

10 Lectures


Incomplete Latinx Stories of Diseño Grafico: Borderlands La Frontera sheds lights on the work and histories of art and design in Latin America from a Latinx diaspora perspective. The series revisits and rewrites the course of design history in a way that centers previously marginalized designers, cultural figures—and particularly BIPOC and QTPOC people. Facilitated by Ramon Tejada and Polymode.

CURRICULUM DESIGN: Ramon Tejada, Silas Munro

LECTURERS: Ramon Tejada, Carlos Avila, Ahmed Ansari, Pilar Castillo, Shannon Doronio (Chavez), Roberto Rodriguez, MJ Balvanera, Laura Rossi García, Jason Alejandro, Anna Parisi, Juan Pablo Rahal, Silas Munro, José R. Menéndez, Gaby Hernandez, Ana Llorente, Elaine Lopez, Juan Villanueva, Vanessa Zúñiga Tinizaray