Youth Resiliency Project

Youth Resiliency Project

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Identity, Phone application, Video, Website, Workbooks


Polymode was commissioned to build the you and brand, identity, and app using design research that was provided by therapists, social workers, and visual prototypes. The Youth Resiliency Project developed you and empowers kids K–12th grade through a series of interactive lessons that teach them resilience, mindfulness, problem-solving, and self-care in the wake of the Covid-19 epidemic. The app brings together all these modes for students to create their own world during the challenging times of the pandemic.

Poetic Research

We proposed a question: What could an app that really cares about you look like? Using research provided to us by therapists, social workers, and visual prototypes, we answered that question with a brand, identity, and app that uses six different colors to firmly anchor each level designed to help children process the simple to the complex. These levels appear throughout the digital materials and videos, and pair with a printed workbook distributed by the school system, and connect to the community with a social media strategy and an out-of-home campaign across Orange county.

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