Behavioral Health Intervention and Support Services (BHIS)

Through Phoenix House California, and in collaboration with Deep Change Media, Polymode created three, illustrated, print and digital, dynamic workbooks that could be distributed to students at home during the covid-19 pandemic, to follow along with their teachers on a range of topics, including: Self-Concept, Communication, Empathy, Critical Thinking, Peer Pressure, Anger Management, Time Management, Strength, Goals, Respect, Conflict Resolution, Bullying and Isolation. Behavioral Health Intervention & Support Services (BHIS) program offers evidence-based prevention and intervention services in Orange County, California. Its goal is to increase positive character attributes and decrease negative behaviors among elementary, middle, and high schools in a classroom setting.

Lead Partner – Brian Johnson
Supporting Partner – Silas Munro
Designer – Michelle Lamb

Poetic Research

Each workbook uses two, unique colors to easily identify it’s age group. (Light blue and orange are used for Elementary School, purple and green for Middle School, and dark blue and red are used for High School.) In addition to each workbook having its own color system, the illustrations vary slightly for each grade. While all workbooks utilize geometric shapes and patterns, Elementary has organic squiggles and sketch patterns that encourage writing and drawing around the margins, while Middle and High school have more digitally formed organic shapes that help direct attention to the concepts on each page. For the paper, the team selected 100% post-product, recycled paper, as to not have any additional environmental impact. The color and texture of the paper was also considered to invoke the feeling of ‘coloring book’ nostalgia, so that they came across as playful in their trustworthiness, but also a sense that if lost or damaged it’s not overly precious enough to cause anxiety. For an added, playful bonus, the binding uses a large rubber band.