Eddie Rodolfo Aparicio

Polymode is thrilled to have collaborated with artist Eddie Rodolfo Aparicio and MOCA to design the publication for their Focus series exhibition. Considering the dynamism and energy reflected in the artist’s work, our design centered around a fusion of bold typography and vibrant colors. Among the typefaces selected, we used Chicha, designed by Diego Sanz Salas, as a reference to sign painting traditions from the global south. The cover features a beautiful matte image wrap of the solid amber that is part of Aparicio’s work. The artist uses amber as a metaphor for preserving history and elevating workers’ stories. The title is set in the Chica with a white and a shimmering amber foil. The delicate debossed title enhances the overall visual appeal. It serves as a tangible connection to the artist’s creative process, providing a sensory bridge between the reader and the expressive world captured within the pages.