Jimmy De Sana Submission

Submission is the first comprehensive book on the surreal, queer and humorous photographic art of Jimmy DeSana, a central figure in New York’s art and music scenes of the 1970s and ’80s.This is the first overview of the work of Jimmy DeSana, a pioneering yet underrecognized figure in New York’s downtown art, music, and film scenes during the 1970s and 1980s. The book situates DeSana’s work and life within the countercultural and queer contexts in the American South as well as New York, through his involvement in mail art, punk and No Wave music and film, and artist collectives and publications.

Poetic Research

The design’s use of line and typeface were based on research at the One Archives in Los Angeles. Polymode was interested in the mix of high and low; pornography from 1960-1970s; Vogue magazine fashion layouts and image treatments; FILE magazines designed and produced by General Idea; varied zines in and around the early 80s. All of this poetic research helped structure the use of line and grid, breaking when necessary for emphasis, but also constraint during times of change and sadness in America’s Queer and capitalistic culture.