Polymode Variable: A Typeface Like Mine

Polymode Sans is a typeface developed in collaboration between Polymode and XYZ Type. A typeface that slides on an invented “Realness” axes shifting the voice of the letterforms. Transforming from a quiet “Acting Basic” to a loud “Opulence.” Read more about the typeface.

Directed by Edgar Casarin, “A Typeface Like Mine.” An animated type-spec, showing off the typeface and all its features. A typeface with such radiance, personality, and attitude, the best way to truly capture its character was through motion. The type moves proudly and in your face, flaunting its curves and dimensionality. Littered with language from the documentary about early vogue culture, “Paris Is Burning.” Guided by the rhythm of the house track, “Whistle Song” by Frankie Knuckles. Polymode Variable walks the runway with purpose. “A Typeface Like Mine” is a dynamic display of our Polymode Sans.