Rice VADA Lecture Series 2023

Polymode designed a printed and digital poster with a social media kit advertising the CAAAS/VADA Visiting Artists Lecture Series. The RICE Visiting Artist Lecture series poster features vibrant and eye-catching colors that capture the essence of the series’ focus on bringing renowned artists to speak at RICE University. 

The poster’s background is a gradient of warm, earthy colors that transitions from light yellow to deep red, creating a sense of depth, energy, and mysticism. The RICE University title is prominently displayed at the top of the poster in the typeface DeVinne, followed by the names of the artists in Blocus. Both typefaces evoke a sense of fantasy and adventure.

The digital version of the poster, made for social media posts and stories, is brought to life by a breath like movement in the gradient and shifting images of each artist, each paired with an audio clip creating an immersive and ethereal experience for the viewer.